The 2024 Isle of Wight tournament took place between Friday 26th January and Sunday 28th.

There were 2 separate tournaments of 10 games each, with promotion and relegation. 

Pat played in Division C and won 4 games out of 10 in the first tournament, didn't quite promoted and stayed in C for the second tournament where she won 6, narrowly missing out on spread for third place.


Richard, Helen and Graham played in Division A, and all won 5 games out of the first set of 10. Thus ensured they safely stayed in A for the second tournament, where Helen won 5 again, but Richard and Graham only won 5 between them.

Here is Helen playing Richard, and their completed board.



Over the weekend there were lots of high scoring and unusual words played by EBSC members here are a few :



Richard : BANSHEES (158), GLUTAEI (67), ILLATION (66)

Helen : 2 bonuses containing 2 Us - ARDUOUS (77), VULTURES (58) as well as ZOEA (90)

Graham : QUIETEST (106), STOCKILY (107)



Postscript : After the tournaments there was a 3 game unrated tournament between 18 players staying overnight Sunday into Monday. This was won by Helen who won £15. A great end to a great weekend.