Imagine you turn over your first tile…it’s a blank. You think you will have a bonus word on your first rack. Your heart sinks when the remaining 6 tiles are rubbish! But what if you look closely…. 

Listed below are 26 racks, each containing a blank. Each rack makes just one bonus word – can you find them all ?

As an extra clue, the blank represents a different letter of the alphabet for each different rack. (ie. Only use the blank as an A once, a B once etc..). The blanks are not in alphabetical order though!

Hint to solving…

Most of the words are everyday English, none are obscure Scrabble words.Give each rack a few moments. Don’t worry if you can’t solve it straightaway. Once you have found a few, then think about where the vowels might go, and then the JQXZ.  Make note of which letters you’ve used…and then try the remaining letters against the remaining racks.


AAADYY & a blank
ABCNOY & a blank
ABHTTU & a blank
ACEEEU & a blank
ACEIKX & a blank
ACHOVY & a blank
ADEJLN & a blank
AHIORW & a blank
AQSSUW & a blank
BDENOZ & a blank
BEILOQ & a blank
CDFNUT & a blank
CELOPX & a blank
CINNOO & a blank
CLPRTU & a blank
CMNORY & a blank
DEIQUZ & a blank
EGINUU & a blank
EHNORV & a blank
EHNOTZ & a blank
EPRSYZ & a blank
FLOMMU & a blank
FNOPRU & a blank
GLNORW & a blank
HLMNTY & a blank
IJSTUY & a blank


Answers coming soon












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Any when...





Now !


awayday   W
balcony   L
bathtub   B
evacuee   V
pickaxe   P
anchovy   N
jangled   G
airshow   S
squawks   K
bronzed   R
oblique   U
defunct   E
complex   M
conjoin   J
culprit   I
acronym A
quizzed   Z
queuing   Q
chevron C
dozenth   D
zephyrs   H
flummox   X
upfront   T
wrongly   Y
monthly   O
justify   F